UK impersonation fraud up 39% in last quarter of 2016 24.3.2017 17:00

Just ahead of the end of the UK tax year, a survey underlines the importance of guarding against business email compromise aimed at stealing data and money

Case study: How the Department for Education deployed flexible IT 24.3.2017 15:15

The Department of Education has upgraded its ageing datacentre to the Azure cloud and Office 365, and rolled out Microsoft Surface devices

AI and robots will 'create political instability' until humans find new occupations 24.3.2017 12:45

The belief that advances in technology will create more jobs than they replace may no longer hold true

Security Think Tank: Minimise data to cut costs and comply with GDPR 24.3.2017 12:20

How can organisations maintain usability and keep support costs low without compromising on security?

UK labour costs are cheap but automation will erode jobs market 24.3.2017 11:52

PwC has estimated that millions of people may be affected by robots and artificial intelligence replacing their jobs

Inside the well-planned metro network: how CityFibre does it 24.3.2017 11:45

Computer Weekly met metro network builder CityFibre to find out why, and how, the organisation believes it can mount a credible challenge to Openreach’s dominance of wholesale fibre

FBI director reiterates call for action on encryption 24.3.2017 11:45

The world is wasting time in resolving the conflict between privacy and public safety, and should consider an international framework on encrypted data access, says FBI director James Comey

Serco uses HR technology to cut recruitment bill 24.3.2017 10:00

International outsourced services supplier Serco is investing in HR recruitment technology to help it hire 15,000 to 20,000 people a year

The rise of the ODMs: Should the branded hardware suppliers be worried? 23.3.2017 17:00

The use of ODM datacentre hardware makes good economic sense for the hyperscale providers, but what about everyday enterprises?