RAID vs erasure coding for flash storage 23.2.2017 17:00

Flash storage needs array data protection. We run the rule over RAID for flash storage and look at erasure coding, which will become more attractive as drive sizes increase

Backup datacentre power: Using diesel generators to plug the UK's energy supply gaps 23.2.2017 16:57

Energy market stakeholders are calling on the datacentre community to help them close the UK's energy demand and supply gap by hooking up their diesel generators to the National Grid, but will it work?

Lords pressurise government over broadband USO 23.2.2017 15:18

In a House of Lords debate on the Digital Economy Bill, peers passed an amendment to set the minimum standard speed for broadband at 30Mbps

Digitisation opens up security weakness in oil and gas 23.2.2017 13:30

The oil and gas industry needs to address the security risks associated with operational technology and vulnerable IT systems, says Ponemon Institute report

Dutch banks and ISPs behind in domain security 23.2.2017 13:00

Dutch banks are falling behind organisations in other sectors when it comes to securing domains.

Starling Bank opens API with hackathon 23.2.2017 12:45

Challenger bank Starling opens its API up to developers in hackathon at Google’s London Campus

BDUK head Chris Townsend to step down 23.2.2017 12:00

Government executive Chris Townsend, who oversees the DCMS-run BDUK rural broadband programme, is to step down in April

Most hackers can steal data within 24 hours, study shows 23.2.2017 11:00

Most hackers are able to access company systems and steal valuable data within 24 hours, according to the Nuix Black Report, which aims to show which security technologies are worth investing in

2017 IT Priority Study: Trends in APAC security 23.2.2017 05:00

Find out what security initiatives IT decision makers are planning in 2017